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Welcome to Compare Limo Hire, for all your limo rental price comparison services. Whether you are looking to compare limo rental prices for a pink limo, a Hummer limo, a wedding car or in fact any type of chauffeur driven vehicle, get in touch with us today.

There is a lot of competition between limousine hire companies as there are so many out there competing for the work from the weddings, businessmen and high school graduates. There is also a lot of competition between the limo hire companies as a lot of the people hiring limousines don't realise the extras and attentive service they will receive and therefore tend to search out a limo hire company based on price. The limo hire companies then have to try and convey the message to their potential passengers that you really do get what you pay for and the cheapest is almost guaranteed not to be the best.

Limos and Wedding Cars

Limo hire companies therefore rely heavily on word of mouth advertising as people will generally take the word of their sister or friend who has hired a limousine and decide based on their experience. However, word of mouth can be vicious too as while there is a saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity' once the word had spread about a limo hire company with poor service and bad quality limousines, it is hard to rebuild from that.

Limo HireOne person who has had a bad experience with a limo hire company will spread the word and the company will get a bad reputation because of one person who had a bad experience. This one person may have had a bad experience because they gave the limo hire company the wrong information or incomplete information about their event, or this one person may have been served or chauffeured by an employee who no longer works for the company because of their poor service.

Therefore, before acting (or not acting) on the word of one person, check out the limo hire company you are considering with a consumer affairs group and see if there are a lot of complaints and how recent they are. The limo hire company may also be able to explain the complaints or bad experience further if you simply ask them.


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Please note that we offer a national limousine service, so whether you need to hire a limo in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, contact Compare Limo Hire today.

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